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Guided Walking Tours of Victoria, British Columbia

Come See Victoria is the top ranked historical walking tour activity in Victoria according to TripAdvisor. Our guided tours are designed to give you a good perspective of Victoria the city in a concise, two hour walk through the downtown area.  In a key location for both the Hudson’s Bay Company and the Royal Navy, Victoria was a thriving city in the 1800s when Vancouver and Seattle were mere towns, and the extensive, surviving architecture is evidence of that early era. So, whether you’re just in town for a few hours off a cruise ship or ferry, for a few days or weeks on business or pleasure, or are a resident, you will discover many interesting facts and stories about Victoria.  Learn about the old fort, the narrowest street in Canada, the surreal life story of the Legislature’s architect, the old red light district’s madams, the ‘leaning hotel of Victoria’, rum runners ... lots of fun stuff!

Tour 1: History & Architecture Walk. It is said that the character of a city is defined by its architecture, and the architecture of a city is a reflection of its history.  That makes history and architecture the perfect combination for a walking tour. On this daytime guided walking tour you will trace the evolution of Victoria through the eyes of its architecture.  Victoria’s downtown is fortunate to have such a wealth of surviving 19th century buildings ... and every building has a story!

Tour 2: Victoria’s Victorian Characters Walk. There’s nothing like a new outpost on the face of the planet to draw a diverse and interesting group of personalities: nation builders, business opportunists, prospectors, land speculators, and the misfits and miscreants of established society.  On this evening walking tour you will get to know the larger-than-life personalities of Victorian Victoria. As we walk by the buildings and through the neighbourhoods where they worked and lived, you will hear their stories and sagas, and appreciate their lasting legacy.

Tour 3: Historic Pub Walk. Downtown Victoria has a wonderful collection of vibrant pubs in some of the most notable heritage buildings in the city. On this pre-booked pub walk, your group will get a sense of how these wonderful old buildings and the people associated with them have shaped the city of Victoria, augmented with lots of old photos, all while you sample beers from the multitude of craft breweries and brew pubs for which Victoria has become renowned. You might even get to hear Sourdough Dave’s renditions of the Bard of the Yukon’s best!

Private Tours. The best way to get to know the story of Victoria is with a private booking. We can customize your walk to suit your schedule and interests, including start time and location, duration, and route. If you are organizing a school group, a conference in town, a corporate meeting, or just yourself on a visit to Victoria contact us for prices.  Cruise ships often visit Victoria just for an evening, and a private tour can be the perfect solution for your short time in the city.

Black & White photos:  Images A-00903, A-02716, B-01320, D-02699, F-06338, I-51982 Courtesy of Royal BC Museum, BC Archives